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A System Called Romania

Data publicarii: 05.11.2009 23:51:00

Silviu Brucan has offered us 20 years in order to become what we were before 1947. However, he was wrong. 20 years are not enough for us
to change our laws and mentalities that are still those of the communist period. Even the most righteous of us have been contaminated by this shadowy mentality of elusion, of undermining laws and dictatorial  orders. At that time, this state of being was considered a way of survival, even of dissidence. Nowadays, the same reflexes have become an impediment on our way to democracy, therefore, on our way to Europe. Above all, apart form the inadequate system, inadequate people lead us, too. That is, thieves, and this not the toughest term. The Government, The Parliament, the unions are continuously stealing right under the media and our eyes, despising the moral and juridical law. In addition, they do not steal a little, but a huge amount: fleets, companies, tourism areas, forests, are all being negotiated at a low price on the black market, but for high bonuses. The consequences are awful, when people are being led by thieves, the only possibility that remains for them is to steal also or to do justice by themselves. But when they do this, they are arrested. Therefore, the most profitable solution is still that of being a thief.


                   Photo by Miron Manega


To improve your stealing skills has become a faithful job and the interlope world leaders, the offenders and the sly persons, a life model. Romanians do not admire values any longer but their opposite. Everything is being stolen and sold, from car wheels to children. Children are being sold on the black market, could you imagine this? While these horrible actions are considered crimes and they are punished accordingly everywhere in the world, in our country, the sale of children (organ banks for western countries) is developed under state supervision and bad law protection. There is not enough room here to enumerate all the horrors that take place in our dear country. Yet, we have alwaysbeen in Europe. We possess an incredibly beautiful rich country but where we live as baggers. We have had personalities that changed world history and geography.
Joining the European community would not be a problem for us if we did not live in an aberrant and nonfunctional system. In fact, we live without any system at all, in a social jungle where the winner is the sliest one, but the best one, not. We have painted the European Union colours everywhere, imagining that we can fool someone. Romania, in terms of its system, looks like the picture nearby: a mobile with a camera. Is there anyone who believes that this system really works?

Afisari: 1567
Autor: Miron Manega
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Nume: oLLVFbbD (Jul, Sun 12, 2015 / 14:26)
c9s molt bona idea fer aquest prtjecoe, ja que el pati sempre quedava inundat, perf2 com diu en Luis, crec que el terra ha d'estar inclinat cap als canals de drenatge, sinf3 haure0 estat un esfore7 infatil, i com diu na Melisa estareda be8 si els no passe8s pel mig.Aixf2 si, e9s molt bona feina i vos mereixeu el entrepe0.
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